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Mar. 24th, 2007


12 weeks...


12W1D. Still SOOOO tired now. Small bouts of nausea this week, but there's been a lot of nervousness and tension on my part, so I think that's a big part of it. Still peeing an awful lot too. Boobs are better. Appetite's all over the place, and so are my moods. Eh.

Not much else to report. Next appointment's Wednesday.

Mar. 20th, 2007



I'm at 11 weeks, 4 days by my calculations:


And I have GREAT news!! I talked to the lawyer, and told him I was late and asked if it would affect the divorce at all. He asked it if was my ex's, and I told him no, there's NO way, I'm 100% sure it's my boyfriend's. He said good, and no, it won't affect the proceedings.

He's calling the court tomorrow to set the court date, sometime mid-April. Then this will all be (legally) DONE!!! *happy dances all over the freaking place*!

Things are better with me and the boy too. It's going to be rough, prolly keep being rough, but we talked, and we're ok. I dunno that we'll ever really understand each other, but it's more worth it to us to be together now, and so we are. The good FAR outweighs the bad. We shall see what the future brings...

Told Mom, so now she and his parents know. Dad just met him, so we're holding off a little longer there. But, so far, all is well.

Belly dance tonight!!!

Mar. 9th, 2007



I'm 10 weeks now. It's not an embryo anymore; now it's a fetus.


My clothes are just starting to get tight. Going to check out some maternity clothes at the mall today, see what's there, what prices are like.

I still barely see the changes in myself/my body, but the boy says he can see them, my breasts are slightly bigger, my hips slightly wider. :P I dunno...

We told his parents yesterday. Mine are next week, at least my mom.

10 weeks, and I STILL don't really feel pregnant.

Mar. 4th, 2007

Mommy's Imp

My baby stats, kinda



Your Due Date Is Friday, October 05, 2007

Your conception date was most likely Friday, January 12, 2007
You are in Week 10 of your pregnancy
and your baby is 8 weeks old. Why is this?
Your Second Trimester will begin 4/6/2007
And your Third Trimester will begin 7/6/2007
65 days down, 215 to go!

Fun Birthday Facts
Your baby's birthstone will be Opal (Hope)
Your baby's Astrological Sign will be Libra
Your baby's Flower is Calendula or Cosmos (White, Yellow and Varied)
Your baby will be born in the Chinese Year of The Pig
This time next year your baby will be 22 Weeks Old!
Your baby will start kindergarten in 2013, be old enough to drive a car in 2023, finish high school in 2026, and will graduate from college with the class of 2030, give or take a year. Can you imagine?

I'm a little confused... I'm at 9 weeks, though I also know I ovulated a week early, but if I put in my first day of my last period, I get a due date of the 9th, and 9 weeks. Putting in a date of the 5th gives me 10 weeks... Oh, I guess that would be right if my period was TWO weeks before I ovluated, but it was only 1.

So, no, I'm 9 weeks, 2 days today. I think that makes sense, heh.

Have a girls name. Working on a boys name. More as it develops. :D

Feb. 27th, 2007

Dark Desire

Got the appointment sooner! Yay!!

OK, little update.

Symptoms remain as they are. Hunger's actually a little better.

The boy took off work Mon and treated me to a Todai lunch. Todai is a Japanese sushi and food buffet. Heavenly. I was a good girl and stayed away from anything raw, but I did have some California rolls, the egg ones, the avacado ones, chicken teriaki ones and the eel ones. I dunno if eel is ok or not, but it's cooked, and DAMN yummy ;). Had crab rangoon and bacon-wrapped zuchini too, and some yummy desserts. Faboo.

He really took good care of me today, and I think we both needed it. It just felt so good to spent the day with him, even though I didn't get enough sleep. Good bonding. I REALLY didn't want to go to work, but settled on calling in and going in 2 hours later. They didn't even miss me ;).

The nurse from Cook Ct. came and inspected us. I think she was pleasently surprised. Even though I qualify for the public aid, I am at the upper limit, and we live pretty well off all things concidered. I just could not afford $85/check for my insurance before my boyfriend was in the picture, so I was uninsured. But things are pretty good for us, and we passed with flying colors.

Called the ObGyn, got my appointment moved up to Wed. The lady on the phone was VERY nice. I'm actually having an ER re-check at 1:30 with another ultrasound, then the actual prenatal exam at 3:30, so it'll all be done in 1 shot. I'm pleased - I REALLY hope I like them! Good thing too - my throat's still sore, and now I'm coughing a little. I hate being sick!

ANNDDD... that's it for now. Something's here, so I've got to go!
Earl reading

Book suggestions

Yay!! Books to look into ;).


Working on the name thing, coming up with some ideas to present to the boy.

An * means I'm leaning toward that name as a middle name. Maybe. ;)

Maya (36 in 2006)
Savannah (37 in 2006)
Aria/Ariana (48 in 2006)
Gabrielle (72 in 2006)/Gabriella (51 in 2006)
Keira (50 in 2006)
Alexandra* (62 in 2006)

Devon/Devin (boys 79 in 2006)

Bastian/Sebastian (84 in 2006)
Brayden (22 in 2006)
Gavin (28 in 2006)
Alexander* (20 in 2006)
Gabriel (38 in 2006)

I need more boy names. Girl names are easy...

I started poking around 20,000 names, but right now my brain's fizzling... But there are some great catagories there to peruse. I also want to consult my Baby Name Wizard and Cool Names for Babies (I think mine's older...) when I get home too.


Feb. 25th, 2007

Sleepy Kitty

Hungry and sore and cold, heh

So, as I mentioned in a couple comms, I am now VORACIOUSLY hungry. Started Friday. I can't seem to eat enough. I'm trying to keep it to fruit and healthy stuff. It's HARD, heh. SO hungry...

Still cramping, but that's no big surprise. Still spotting, in the AM. Looked a bit redder to me today... *sigh* Going to call the doc's office tomorrow, see if I can get in earlier. :P Otherwise it's March 5th for me!

ANNDDD... woke up today with a BAD sore throat. Going to try to just fight through it... not much else I CAN do. I was a bit sniffly yesterday, and the boy's rather sick, so I'm not surprized. It's also going around the animal hospital pretty hard core. :P Damn... I'm already SOOO sleepy. This isn't going to help. o_O

Mmm... It's snowing like crazy too. It was "mixed" yesterday, and we got like 2 or 3 inches of this messy sleet-snow combo. Right now it looks like just straight snow, but it's pretty heavy. I work in an hour and a half... might call the hospital, see if anyone can come get me. I walk normally, also possibly part of my sore throat. I bundle up, and it's only a 15 min walk, but it's hard right now. :P

Ah, hungry and losing my train of thought. I think "pregnancy brain" might be kicking in too :P. Later!

Feb. 24th, 2007

Earl reading

8 weeks today!

I'm 8 weeks today. :D


My pregnant friend took me to the half price book store in Palatine and I got the 3rd ed What to Expect when You're Expecting, So That's What They're For! (though I think I have 2nd ed), and So You're Going to be a Dad for my honey ;). Might look into other books too, though I'm rather happy with WebMD and the comms here :D. I'm such a net girl. Maybe I'll look for book posts there.

And someone in one of the comms recommended this page. I'm not sure I want to be on a forum, but every little bit helps, right?

*yawns* Off to work. :P

Feb. 23rd, 2007



Right. So...

I went in. Got my lab results. But no doc. Got sent to ER. Was told I have to make an APPOINTMENT.

I. Am. So. Pissed.

It would be different if I was told any of this before. But I wasn't. The tech totally made it sound like a doc would call me and explain. But, appearently quite the opposite. Grr.

So, now I am to try to move up my first appointment with Dr. Smith, from March 5th to ASAP. If I can't, I'm to call another doc and get in.

BUT... I work. I work the overnights, Sat-Tues this week. 12 hour shifts. I HAVE to sleep till about 2pm, AND I can't drive, so I have no way of getting ANYWHERE till Wed anyway. -_- That would be the 28th.


I know this is a medical need, and I should be able to get off or go in later if needed, but I feel kinda cheated. Like, I was supposed to have this done today. And now it's a long, drawn-out process. The doc on Wed did say something about a follow-up appointment, but obviously I didn't understand exactly what she meant. :P Makes me feel stubborn, and not wanting to bend for them. *I* need sleep, damnit!

Besides, what are they going to do? If I'm miscarrying, I miscarry. If not, the baby'll be fine till the 5th. :P The woman I talked to first said that my βhCG number needed to double. Wed it was 81976.3 H. Today? 90498.6 H. *sigh* NOT a double, but the woman I talked to today said that it doesn't have to double, just keep going up, which it is. I'll call around, Monday I guess, but I don't know what I'm going to do. :P

Yup. I'm pissy.

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