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Mommy's Imp

Things I love about Devin Rose that I don't want to ever forget:
Her gummy smile.
How she'll break into that big ass grin when she sees Dave or me.
Her baby coos, ahhs and ooos.
Her tongue clicks.
How she tries to mimic us, and comes eerily close vocally.
How much she loves Dave's deep ooohhhs and my renditions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
How she "talks" to get our attention.
Her snorts as she ruts for food.
Her bliss face as her eyes roll up into her head as she nurses.
How she tries to put her fingers in her mouth while nursing, then grabs my thumb.
How after she falls asleep nursing she rests her free hand gently on my chest.
Watching her sleep, in her crib or on the Boppy on the bed, so peaceful.
Those little facial movements as she sleeps, little whimpers and smiles as her eyes move.
Holding her as she sleeps, feeling her soft breathing, her warmth and her weight.
Sitting, bent over burpings.
Her sweet, sweet baby smell.
Milk breath, and sweet milky kisses.
Milk coma stretches, cheeks first with pressed lips and closed eyes.
The feeling of her sucking on my fingers.
The feel of her soft, downy baby hair, her soft skin, her baby pudge.
Kissing her all over, especially her neck and feet.
Her GORGEOUS baby brown eyes, big and round and perfect.
All her tiny baby bits really, tiny toes and fat fingers and her perfect nose and soft belly and chunky thighs and round cheeks and gorgeous lips...
How she pumps her legs when we play.
How she watches me when we play, and how she watches the whole world now, so alert and attentive and focused, drinking it all in.
How she LOVES being on her belly.
Music baby! TV baby too...
Her amazing gas (sounds adult sometimes!), big yawns, tiny coughs, cute sneezes and incessent hiccups.
Her slurping noises when she sucks on her fingers or her fist.
Holding her in "tree frog" pose, tummy to tummy, as she sucks her fist, looks around, or falls asleep.
Sleeping baby on my shoulder.
How she rubs her face on us when she's tired.
Bouncer time.
Boppy time.
Bath time.
How she strokes her own hair.
How she talks to and laughs with the painting by her changing pad when I'm changing her.
Her tiny baby coos that are turning into baby laughs.
How her coos get shrill when she's starting to get upset.
Her "I'm gonna cry" baby frown before she explodes.
Her "I'm concentrating" or something look with her eyebrows pulled in, or her "what?" look with an eyebrow raised.
Baby burrito, or a wiggly worm.
How she wakes and stretches first thing in the morning after un-swaddling her, taking forever to wake up, then smiling at me.
How she watches her hanging toys now.
Feeling her "stand" on me, so strong, pushing with her legs.
Watching her sit, practically on her own, and with a steady head look around.
How I can soothe her tears, with a cuddle or a walk or a meal or paci or a change of scene.
Super baby!
Sleeping with her, all snuggled up.
How big my hand looks on her tiny belly or arm or leg, and how REALLY tiny she looks in Dave's arms.
How she grabs my hair or shirt when she's on my shoulder.
Her incredible strength, as she learns to grab things.
How she's slowly discovering her own body parts, using her tongue and hands and legs, and gaining smoothness and hand-eye coordination (or should I say hand-mouth ;)).
Watching her reach milestone after milestone with a bittersweet joy.
Simultaneously wanting to watch her grow into a child, then a woman, while holding and relishing her tiny body, wanting her to stay this small forever.

It seems like she's grown SO much already! And she has. Where is the time going? Gone is my teeny tiny baby. Here is this smart little girl, so big now!! I know she's still VERY much an infant at 11 weeks old, 13 or so pounds... but she's already grown so much, by leaps and bounds. So much has changed, and she's learning so much. It's amazing and scary and, yes, a little bittersweet. I want to just hug her, squeeze her, and treasure her now. Cuddle and cuddle her, kiss her all over. There are SO many memories, so many little things and special moments with a tiny baby. All of the above and all that's to come. I want to savor them all.

And one must not forget, how well she photographs!!


LOTS more pics here.